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• Teams must turn in their insurance prior to their first game beginning.

• NFHS RULES (National Federation of State High School Associations)

• Coin flip will be used to determine home and away teams throughout the
event. Home team will be the official book.

• RUN RULE: 10 after 4, 8 after 5 only in elimination play. No run rules in
showcase/pool-play games.

• You may bat your entire roster with free defensive substitutions throughout
the event.

• Courtesy Runner for Pitcher and Catcher Only – A courtesy
runner cannot be the same runner for pitcher and catcher.
• The courtesy runner must be an eligible sub or last batted out.

• All games will be 80 minutes, finish the inning, but will not exceed 85
minutes in pool play. At that point we will finish the batter and revert back
to the last completed inning.

• We do not need a winner in pool play/showcase games, but we do need a
winner in bracket play. If time runs out in a bracket play game and we have
a tie, we will go to ITB (International Tie Breaker). After the first inning of
ITB, we will go to having 2 runners on to try and keep games on time. The
last out will be placed on second base and the second to last out from the
inning before will be placed on third base. Championship games will be 7
innings or 90 minutes, finish the inning, whichever comes first.

•Injuries; game clocks will not stop or be adjusted unless an injury requires
emergency medical attention on the field of play.

• Teams must be at their field 1-hour before game times and ready for the
home plate meeting 10 minutes before scheduled game time.

THEIR FOUL BALLS TO THE FIELD. We will not stop the clock for
more balls to be brought to the field if they are not being retrieved
and thrown back in.

• Pitchers may “step” back

• Pitchers get 3 pitches between innings only and 5 pitches to start the game.

• Defensive substitutions do not need to be reported, but offensive
substitutions MUST be.

• Walked batters must take their base; no consecutive at bats.
Batters that are hit by a pitch may take a ball and continue their at bat if the
coach or player wants.

• NO PROTEST EVENT. The home plate umpire will settle rule
disagreements at the time they occur. His decision is final!

• If a player gets hurt in the middle of the game and must leave, you will take
an out when it is her turn in the lineup. However, if you have a sub not in
the lineup, they can enter the game in her place.

• This is an open roster event but remember whatever team you start bracket
play with is the ONLY team you can play with for the remainder of the
event. No adding players from other teams in the event when their team is

• IF EJECTED: A coach/player must sit out the next game.
• If a fan is ejected, they must leave the park for the remainder of the game
it happened in.

• All forfeits will be scored as a 0-7

*** ALL scores need to be sent in immediately upon completion to
Any scores not sent in, will be entered as 0-0 and we will not go back in
and change them. ***

Tournament Contacts:
Tournament Director: Emma Wolff 216-280-0841
Site Director: Kevin Yun 330-705-4512
UIC’s -Steve Fee 724-510-5305
Bob Himmelein 440-773-9973

Thank you for choosing D1 Fastpitch. GOOD LUCK!